Intro to HS Math

Hello all:

So, this is weird. I feel the need to say that at the outset. Many of y'all are probably looking toward your peers, your parents, your teachers, administrators, governments et cetera for answers. And the unfortunate thing is that right now, none of us really has the answers. And that's because we're all facing this for the first time together. We're trying an approach and hoping it works. If we need to readjust or change plans up, we'll need to be flexible. So, I ask that you all bear with me through this process as I try to find a few answers with y'all.

That being said, know that you can always get in touch with me via E-Mail ( for any questions or guidance. As these days/weeks move forward, I'll be researching and trying out a lot of different media (Email? YouTube? Skype? Twitch?? Smoke Signals??) to see what might work best for us regarding future instruction or review. I say this not with the intention of being alarmist, but rather with the intention of being realistic: we're not sure how long this is going to last. We might be back by March 30. But we might be out for much, much longer. Giving you an estimate would only be conjecture on my part. And planning an approach based on such a conjecture would be foolish. That being said, I would like to communicate with you what my current plan is given all of the information at the time.

I stand with the current opinion of the district that attempting to continue with new instruction at this time is not realistic. I understand that each of my students has lives outside of the 41 minutes that I see them in the school day, and those lives are much broader and nuanced outside of that school day. All of our lives and schedules are entering this odd state of chaos at the moment, and while you're still trying to figure that out, expecting you to solve for real and imaginary roots of quadratic equations by the method of Completing the Square would not be fair. So, my focus at this point is in reviewing what we already have learned, in an attempt to stave off the cobwebs and forgetfulness. To that end, I am providing you with three resources:

1. Attached is a PDF of the June 2019 Algebra Regents exam's Multiple Choice section.

With the exception of questions 6, 7, 12, 16, 17, 19, 21-23, I am confident you can all answer these problems with what we've covered in the year so far. Make sure to use that graphing calculator! If you have access to print these pages, great. If not, I recommend sitting down with them on your screen and taking out a good ol' fashioned sheet of paper and/or notepad to work through them. Using one of the aforementioned media, I will try to find what will be the most effective way for us to review this material next week.

2. For those of you unfamiliar with KhanAcademy, it is an online resource with a very simple goal in mind: Free, high-quality education for all. They have EXCELLENT YouTube videos (Seriously, some Khan Academy videos were invaluable to me when I took my higher-level calculus courses in college) and an entire website with lessons and quizzes. I'll provide a link here to their Algebra section:


On the left side you will see a column of sections. I ask that over the next two weeks, you all work toward completing through the section labeled "Forms of Linear Equations."

3. Access to a digital version of our TI-84 Graphing calculators, found at the following link:

The URL is case-sensitive. Simply download the .exe file, launch it, and when prompted, click <browse> and select the other file to launch the calculator. Reach out with any questions.

Please, if you are able, check out these resources and view them as an opportunity to review and to practice. Again, I recognize it is unrealistic and unfair for me to assign these as mandatory or attach a grade to them, just as I trust you can recognize it would be unrealistic and unfair for you to be losing this class time and expect to be in the same spot mentally and physically when we return to regular classes.

Throughout these difficult and (let's be honest) very weird times, I implore you to remember to take care of yourselves and those around you. Remember that love is free, compassion and understanding are always more effective than the opposite, and that knowledge and education are power.

Be good to each other, be good to yourselves, and (as always) Don't Panic.

I'll be in touch with you all. Thanks,

Mr. Lisella
Gerard J. Lisella