Welcome to Physical Education

  • To all of my CSELC students and their families,

    I hope you are doing well and staying safe and healthy during this time away from school. Since I can’t see you in the gym every week, I wanted to remind you to stay active and keep moving while you’re at home.

    I will list a few ideas and sites you can go to.  Feel free to try them and even do them with siblings or even your parents. If you have any questions you are welcome to email me at m.blackburn@ppscd.org

    Don't forget to check in here weekly for new posts of ideas and activities to keep you active at home. 


    For new Weekly Activities please go to this Specials area site:




    Happy Earth Day Cold Spring friends!! Try and get outside today for some exercise. You can even try this scavenger hunt and see how many things you can find.

    Distance Learning Links


    *Here is a dance to the song “I’m still dancing,” that I would love for you to practice. I am going to practice too with my own children. We will become experts and then perform it the week of April 27th for virtual literacy week. It is a GoNoodle dance. Check it out, it is fun!!


    *Here are MORE skill cards to look at that you can help your child practice at home. Check these out!!

    Basketball skills:

    The Active@Home Basketball cards 

    Volleyball skills:

    Active@Home™ Volleyball cards

    *Fit Activity: Spell your name out and do the exercises. Try your first name, last name and maybe challenge a family member to try too. 





    I understand it may be hard to do some of these activities without physical education equipment at home. Here is a list of at home equipment replacements.

    Download or print the list here!


    Here are some skill cards to look at to help your child practice:

    Jumping exercises:

    following Active@Home™ cards

    Hand eye Coordination:

    Active@Home™ hand-eye coordination cards

    Soccer skills:

    Active@Home™ Soccer cards 

    Balance and Agility:

    Active@Home™ cards 



    Create an obstacle course inside or outside your house. Try to include 2 skills from the activity cards above. Have a grown-up time you to see how fast you complete the obstacle and then challenge a family member. Be Creative and have fun.


    Don't forget to email Coach Blackburn and tell me what great things you're doing at home to be active. You can send a picture or just a few words telling me what you're doing.

    Send to, m.blackburn@ppcsd.org 




    Ideas/suggestions to increase physical activity at home:

    *Go for a walk or run

    *Go for a nature hike

    *Go for a bike or scooter ride

    *Walk your dog

    *Dance to your favorite music

    *Do some exercises like jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches, sit -ups, mountain climbers, birpies etc.

    *Race your siblings or parents with running, skipping, galloping or crab walking

    *Practice ball skills if you have the equipment: Soccer, basketball, tennis etc.

    *Have a catch with a partner

    *Plastic cup stacking challenge

    *Do some stretches or Yoga

    *Help with yard work

    *Help wash a car

    *Go online with mom or dad and try an exercise, dance or yoga class


    EXTRA Fun ideas:

    Flip a Coin fitness:


    50 plus indoor creative activities for kids:




    Yoga ideas:




    Don’t forget to drink lots of WATER and continue to fill your plates with vegetables and fruits. I miss you all and can’t wait to see you all soon!!


    Yours in fun and fitness,

    Coach Blackburn


    (845) 868-7451 x2229