WELCOME TO 1st Grade

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Ms. Kubsch



Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to 1st Grade!  This year promises to be an exciting year in your child's school career.  We will continue to build on the skills learned last year in reading, writing and math,  as well as integrate some science and social studies through themes.

A very important element that was learned last year in Kindergarten was socialization.  First grade continues to develop these social skills as the children learn to become more independent learners.  Much of the first few weeks will be spent trying to get to know each other, building a trusting and nurturing community, and learning the routine of the classroom.

A little about myself…I have been teaching in the Pine Plains School District since 1995.   This is my tenth year in a row as a 1st grade teacher, although I did teach this grade for four years 22 years ago!  I have also taught kindergarten, pre-first, second, and fifth grade.  I feel this is an advantage to my students, since I am well aware of what the students learned last year and what will be expected of them in later grades.  I received my master’s degree in elementary education with a reading concentration from New Paltz, and my undergraduate degree from Chester College, England where I received dual certification in elementary education and math. I live in Red Hook with my husband and youngest daughter, Renee.  My oldest daughter is pursuing her masters degree at Stony Brook, and my middle daughter is going to SUNY Cortland.  I have a very rambunctious puppy named Beaumont, who I am positive will disrupt my Google meet at some point. I apologize in advance for his barking or antics of stealing things he shouldn't have!  I have a lovely cat named Luna and we have a class pet turtle named Terry. 

I am excited to be teaching your children.  We will probably still have our challenges this year in this very unusual COVID-19 climate. We will need to take a deep breath often, but I want to assure you that I will do my utmost to make this year productive, fun, and hopefully memorable in a good way.  I am here not only to support your children, but you as parents too.  I am hopeful as I update this letter ( August 9, 2021) that we will be in school full time with no restrictions, but I am concerned about that recent increase in cases with the Delta variant, and how that may effect what school looks like again. If last year taught us anything, it was to be flexible and pivot on a dime.  But it also taught me how amazing children are. My class last year made amazing progress despite everything.  Children are so resilient!  Fingers crossed for a regular start to first grade.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at T.Kubsch@ppcsd.org

Thank you,

Trudi Kubsch