School Closure

  • March 16, 2020

    Parents, Guardians and Students of Stissing Mountain Jr/Sr High School,

    I am writing to update you on the current status as we know it, provide resources and give information.

    Building Access

    Students may come to get needed belongings tomorrow until 3pm. Wednesday the building will be open to essential staff only. At close of business on Wednesday the building will be shut for deep cleaning and will not be staffed for the remainder of the closure. This is for the safety of our staff and also to maintain the level of cleanliness that will be achieved after our custodial staff completes their process. We will be able to communicate via email. If you have any pressing concerns, please email them and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    School grounds will also be closed for the duration of the shutdown. All CSE and CPSE meetings are canceled and will be rescheduled when school resumes.  This decision is consistent with other districts in the county. 

    Meal Pickup During COVID-19 Closure

    Beginning Wednesday, March 18th, the District will be providing free breakfast and lunch to those students requesting it. Please email the number of meals needed by 7pm the night before (or no later than 7am the day of pickup) to the following email address:  Include the number of meals required and the names of those needing meals.  Meal pickup will be between the hours of 8:30am and 10:30am at Stissing Mt. Jr./Sr. High School at the doors marked Voter Entrance.  If delivery is required, please include that information in your email including the delivery location.  Every effort will be made to provide delivery of meals as needed.


    Mrs. McCauley reached out to all parents whose children receive and keep medication at school. Should you need to pick those meds up that can be done from the main office on Tuesday March 17th. If you choose not to pick them up, they will be kept here at school.


    We have asked our teachers to provide materials and/or activities that students can use to review learned information. They may also include movies to watch, websites to access and the like. Any school-sponsored in-home tutoring will be suspended for the duration of the shutdown. For families who have no internet access Optimum is providing 60 days of free service. To access this, you can call 1-866-200-9522.

    There are many sites that families can access that provide review, information and learning games.

    BrainPOP (3-12) - 

    Stissing:  username: stissing & password: brainpop


    Eureka Math (K-12) - Free daily recorded lessons starting 3/18

    Scholastic (PreK-12) -

    Khan Academy - (click courses at top left)

    CK-12 (K +) -

    Crash Course -

    Quizlet -  (browse to find a flashcard set or make your own)


    • Many teachers will be posting links and activities on their own webpages which can be accessed via the school website (
    • Some teachers will use snail mail, others will email students directly via the school email system they were using prior to the shutdown.
    • Teacher specific messages are as follows:


    The 6th grade Remind Link

    We have also emailed all the parents and told them to have students check their science Google Classroom for updates. 

    Mrs. Elsasser, Grade 6 Co-Teacher

    Study Center 6th Grade, class code @eelsas - link to join:

    Google classroom 6th grade Study Center - class code 4iu7gdb.

    Phys Ed and Health

    PE department (MS/HS) will communicate with our students via Google Classroom. We’ll post apps that students can utilize for their physical and mental/emotional health. The PE Google Classroom code is 2fl3i6s. 

    Health classes will continue to utilize their individual Google Classroom for information and resources at this time.

    Ms. Niznik Art (all grades)

    I will be communicating with my classes through email. 

    100 Drawing Prompts:

    Artistic TEDtalk links:



    Mr. Seeley, ELA 7

    Students are reminded to check their school email and to log into google classroom to find independent reading and review materials.  

    Ms. Marlow, Band

    Remind Codes:

    7/8 Band @gc39fa           6th Band @emarlo

    Mrs. Dimilia, Math 6, 8, and Algebra

    Remind App access:

    6th grade Math (Period 2): Via cell phone enter 81010 and text @sdimilia2 

                                 (Period 7): Via cell phone enter 81010 and text @sdimilia7

    8th Grade Math: via cell phone enter 81010 and text @sdimilia8. 

    Algebra (period 1 and 3): Via cell phone enter 81010 and text @dimilia13. Algebra students, our workbook is online with a video for each lesson. Visit and click on Algebra. We left off on Unit 8, lesson 4. 

    All classes can visit which has material aligned to grade level New York State standards for several subjects, not just Math. 

    Mrs. Lyman English 11

    Please check her classroom web page for information.

    Mrs. Lyman English 9

    I will primarily be using my Google Classrooms to communicate and send work to my students, but I have Remind too.  Students and parents can access my Google Classroom from my web page.  I will email my tutorial kids.  

    English 9H- Period 4: Google Classroom code: ohqelvf Remind:

    English 9R- Period 7: Google Classroom code: ig62oee Remind:

    English 9R- Period 8: Google Classroom code: 5gr5oy5 Remind:

    English 9R - Period 9: Google Classroom code: 64xp5ml Remind:

    Creative Writing: Google Classroom code: 2GEHKG6 Remind:

    Mrs. Griffin All Math Classes

    College Algebra: @kghf6e

    DCC Stats:  @dccstat

    AP Calc: @hbea7a

    DCC Precalc: @ppcsd4

    MathforDailyLiving:  @b923hd

    Ms. Lombardo, 9th Grade Co-Teacher

    Class Name: 9th Grade Resource Room

    Class Code: @7c8d66 

    I will also be updating my website with review vocabulary, outside reading work, etc. 

    Mr. Sullivan Global 10 and DCC Social Problems

    Global History 10: Use connectEd and the online textbook to stay current with class.

    Social Problems in Today's World: We will continue to communicate using Google classroom.

    Mrs. Moy ELA 8

    I will use Google Classroom and email to interact with students and their families while we are out.

    Questions About Big Picture/Long-Term Academics

    The current shutdown will utilize our spring break days and unused snow days. Should we need to remain home beyond March 27th we will then enter the phase of “forgiveness” for not having completed 180 school days given the COVID-19 situation. In the event the closure goes on for an extended period of time the State Education Department and the Governor will have to make decisions around things such as State Assessments, Regents Exams, course credit and the like. Should that time come and/or should decisions be made on those topics we will keep you informed and up to date.

    We do many things well here at PPCSD but one of the things we do better than anyone I have ever seen is come together in times of need. We know that this entire situation is stressful for students, staff and parents. Sports and musicals being cancelled, senior years abruptly halting, social groups being put on hold all take a toll on our school family. As I said in the beginning of this letter, these are unchartered waters filled with uncertainty. Our first and foremost goal is that our school family and community stay healthy and safe. The rest will fall into place as time moves forward and this situation plays out a bit more. Please reach out should you need assistance or have a question.


    Tara K. Grieb, Principal