Letter from the Principal

    • Mandatory Student Driving/Parent Online Course

      Dear Parent/Guardian:

      If you now have, or soon will have a teenage driver in your home, this announcement is sure to be of interest to you.

      The Council on Addiction Prevention and Education (CAPE) of Dutchess County offers the program "Teen Driving - A Family Affair" this program is MANDATORY for students who are applying for school parking permits.

      If you would like your son/daughter to drive to school, a parent/guardian and student driver or anticipated student driver need to participate in a vitural course on line. Attached please find the CAPE information needed to complete this course. This course is open from Friday, August 27th at 7:00am through Friday, September 3rd at 11:59pm. This will be the only opportunity to complete the program before the Spring of 2022 sessions. 

      Please note that a partent and their son/daughter are only required to participate in this program once during the student's 9 - 12 grade school years. However, the program participation must take place before the student may drive on school grounds. A completed application of participation must be on file the the high school for student parking privileges.


      Tara K. Grieb, Principal

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