Guidance Office

  • Guidance services are concerned with the emotional, educational and vocational direction of students as well as their overall adjustment to the school setting.  Counselors attempt to create an atmosphere in which students can deal openly and effectively with the problems that interfere with their functioning to the best of their ability.  By involving themselves in the whole school program, counselors are able to advise staff and effect changes in the education program that will meet the needs of all students.

    Counselors believe that all individuals have a right to equality of opportunity.  Our services are readily available to all students, and all students are encouraged to set goals for themselves based solely upon their own interests and abilities.

    • Jennifer Lydon, Guidance Secretary  - Ext. 1330
    • Jessica Wisniewski, School Counselor  - Students in grades 6-11, A-K  - Ext. 1331
    • Ryan Carney, School Counselor - Students in grades 6-11,  L-Z  - Ext. 1332
    • Katie Bucher, College and Career Counselor- Students in grade 12  - Ext. 1338