• Class Information



    We love to celebrate birthdays! I love to promote individual milestones and give children a chance to celebrate their birthday! You are welcome to join us or send in a treat, if you choose. We will have the birthday celebration at snack (around 10:30am). There are 20 children in the class.


    Lost Papers:

    I keep a bin of extra papers (class work, homework, handouts, etc.). It is NOT a big deal if a paper gets misplaced. Please have your child ask me or just go to the "extra paper" box and grab a new one!



    When your child is absent, please send a note to me/the nurse so that it can be documented. I will work with your child on missed work. There may be some work to finish at home (if possible). If your child is out for a longer period of time, you can ask for work to be gathered and sent home!



    I believe children are only young for a short time so let's celebrate while we can! I have a class party organizer that I use through email (signup genius). I will always let you know when a party will be happening so you can donate items and join us if you are able to.



    Our class has a whole class behavior system called YES! I CAN! Students earn stickers on a chart and get to turn their chart in fopr a reward of their choice when it's full! We also make up class rules in the beginning of the year. Any child who is having difficulty following those rules will have a conversation with me for the first offence, a reminder and miss some recess time (to think about the behavior) for the second offence, and a letter/phone call home for the third offence.



    I strongly believe that communication is important for any child's school success. I will send home a newsletter biweekly to let you know what is happening in our classroom and any important dates that are coming up. I hope that you will contact me any time you have a question, have a concern, or want to chat about your child's progress. You can reach me by sending a note, calling the school, or e-mailing me at j.chase@ppcsd.org



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