Each Friday (of regular weeks during the school year), a math packet will be sent home with a cover sheet explaining when homework is due for the week! The 4th Grade teachers believe that homework should be a quick review that carries math skills over from school to home and promotes interest in reading & writing in a way that allows for children to learn time management while giving them flexibity to complete at an individual pace.

    Math - The math packet comes home on Fridays and is due back the following Thursday.

    Spelling - The spelling list comes home on Friday with the math packet and that is the list for the next week's spelling test. There are suggested activities that you can do to study for the test but NOTHING is handed in. How you study and practice is your choice.

    Book Reports - Book reports are due every 6-7 weeks. Each child is expected to pick a book to read and answer questions about to create a book report. The children present their book report orally in class to their peers. This encourages the students to read what they like and spread the work out nightly or weekly, whatever works for your family's schedule. We suggest reading 15-20 minutes daily, but children may get into a book on a rainy day or afternoon and read 3-4 chapters, you never know!


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