Password Change

  • The change in password is effective for the shared password that is used for your computer login after power up and for your Office 365 / email account ONLY.  Other passwords, such as those for Schooltool, IEP Direct, Infomatic applications, etc. would NOT be affected.

    Webdrive accounts will need to be updated by reinitializing, this is a simple procedure, follow the prompts.

    When you first log into a computer in one of the schools on the password change date with your current password ), you will be prompted to change your password, simply follow the prompts. Note that passwords are CASE-SENSITIVE, i.e. if you use caps to type your password, you must use caps every time you log in.  You cannot re-use your old password; a new one must be supplied.  For security’s sake, it is recommended that you use a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols in your password.

    Regarding the password reset: - Note that at this time the change must be made from a computer WITHIN the District. For security reasons it cannot be done remotely.  All staff users who do not complete the change by Tuesday,  September 10, 2019 will have had their accounts disabled.  You will need to contact the IT office to re-enable access of any kind.

    Accounts which are not re-enabled by the winter password change are subject to deletion.

    If you have any questions please contact the IT office at HS x1417 or x1407.  Thank you.

    Login Procedures / First Time Users / Enforced / Changed Passwords (PDF - 296 KB) 

    Log in procedures for 1st time users, regular and enhanced password changes. For XP, other OSs Similar